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Rehearsal room

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Weekly show

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Every Wednesday 10:00 CET Youtube


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HBS-WR 10 June 2020

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Blues Camp

HBS-WR 3 June 2020

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Carry a Stone

Get inspiration to stay creative. How to play Rock’n’roll for beginners and more advanced musicians. DIY video editing and sound-engineering. And much more!
Produced by Halonen Best
Cameras, Halonen Best, Kulturkvarteret Kristianstad.

Editing, Halonen Best
Guest, Carry a Stone, Charles Burton

”Background improvisation” by C. Burton
”Hästfolket” by Carry a Stone
”Shine away” by L. Halonen
Jingles by E. Lund D. Berndtsson
Harp jingle by L. Halonen

Voice over, Ann Koch

All rights reserved

Halonen Harp Academy No 5

Halonen Harp Academy Posted on 2020-05-29 09:43AM

Here’s a backing track on film, for harp playing crossharp in the key of E, use an A harp for cross-harp / second position.

The A harp is the next heaviest of harps, G harps are the heaviest. What I mean is that it’s harder to bend the tones compared to a higher harp, like D or E. But you can play the whole harp where the D getting a little to sharp in the tone. When you play the higher notes. Enjoy!

You can also find the film on the film page.


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